Electric Vehicle Charging

Great customer care from experienced consultants and installers. Our staff have many years’ experience in the installation of Car Charging Points and are qualified to supply and fit Home, Commercial and Work-based solutions to the best possible standards.


Recently we have focused on the supply and installation of Electric Car chargers, therefore becoming a highly specialist and efficient supplier and installer. We have gained a great reputation and although we are growing we have continued to be a leading specialist in the South Wales area for Electric Car Chargers.


We place a particular emphasis on great customer care. We have a comprehensive knowledge of all requirements and are able to give the best and most objective advice for individuals and businesses.

Home Car Charging Point Installation


We are a leading supplier and installer of domestic electric car chargers across the UK. All the chargers we supply are reliable, stylish, competitively priced and covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our home installations start at £299.

Workplace EV Charging Point Installation


We supply and install electric vehicle chargers for businesses of all sizes across the UK. We can install electric vehicle chargers for new builds or existing premises and can track the amount of electricity used by your employees.

Home Electric Car Charger Installations

Supply & fitting of reliable electric car home chargers from just £299.00


We are an industry-standard approved supplier and installer of domestic electric vehicle chargers across the UK. We offer a wide range of electric car chargers from high-quality manufacturers. All the chargers we supply are reliable, stylish, competitively priced and covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

As the majority of the charging of your car will likely be at home it is essential that you choose a company like ours who have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a safe and efficient installation.


Call us today to find out more about the chargers we supply and our installation service.


Support Accessing Grants

We can help you access the government-funded OLEV grant.

Having many years’ experience of fitting Workplace and Home Car Charging Point Technology we are the experts when it comes to not just installing home charging stations but also in ensuring you can access all government-funded grants.


Government funded grants can provide 75% towards the cost of your electric vehicle home charging point up to a maximum of £500 – leaving just a small contribution from you. The whole process is completed by us after obtaining some information from you.


EV Chargers UK for Workplace Charging Grant Funded Charge Points.

We are fully OLEV approved and ready to offer your workplace charging grant-funded charge point to your Business with our first class service.


We only ever provide the most cost-effective advice and independent consultation for your budget and business.  To save you time and money, we will be pleased to go through all of the options available for your business.


We pride ourselves on providing a full consultancy for the installation and maintenance of our services. We can maintain and install Workplace Charge points in any size of business and at employee’s homes. We can install electric vehicle chargers for new builds or existing premises.


The Smart Ev Workplace charge Points that we install will track the amount of electricity used by your employees and provide digital reports either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


Specialists in Workplace and Business OLEV Funded Charge points.

The best possible future proof solutions for your business needs.


At EV Chargers UK we will work with you and discuss the best possible solution for your business needs and workplace charging grant, whether this is for your fleet, staff or customers.


We always build in options for upgrades so that your charging solutions are future proof. All of our installation staff are fully trained staff and qualified to the highest standards.


As we discuss your needs our specialist consultants will explain all of the possible grants available so that your requirements meet your budget.


You can claim up to £500 funding per charger.

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