Underfloor Heating (UFH) Repair

At RPJ Electrical  we are Specialists in Electric Underfloor Heating Repairs


If you’ve been fortunate enough to create the living space of your dreams, only to find that your underfloor heating has stopped working, don’t despair – give us a call today

We understand how devastating it can be to spend a large sum of money on your perfect living area, only to be let down by faulty or broken underfloor heating.


Our team has the technology and the skills to get your underfloor heating system back up and running in next to no time, ensuring minimal disruption to your property or routine.

About Our Underfloor Heating Repair Services

Tripped electrics in your kitchen isn’t limited to the underfloor heating – it can also render your fridge, freezer and other appliances unusable if they are all connected to the same circuit. Not only that, in modern homes without gas boilers, underfloor heating systems are the main source of heating; should yours stop working, you’ll be left in the cold. We can find the point of damage by pinpointing the exact location of the fault, carefully removing the necessary floor covering and testing the system to ensure the circuit is working as it should be before we leave.